Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Disgruntled Skater

Inspired by The X Games, The Boy asked for a skateboard. We obliged on his most recent birthday. We started him off with a longboard. Perfect for beginners and cruising the neighborhood.

When we traveled to Austin for My Last Hurrah, The Boy was excited to learn that Lia's boys like to skateboard.

He was even more excited to learn that we were going to visit a skatepark.

We saw lots of boys doing all sorts of tricks. It was cool to watch.

And here is where the trouble began.

The Boy does not like it when he isn't "the best" at something. His pride is great. If he can't be Tony Hawk or Danny Way on his board then he just assume sit out.

Or hide behind a slide.

It makes me sad. It frustrates me. But I can relate. I was the same way when I was a kid. I have since "gotten over myself" and now work at those things that don't come naturally. But that didn't happen over night. And I know now that I missed out on a lot of fun. I don't want The Boy to make those same mistakes.

With a little...make that a lot of coaxing he eventually gave it a try. Here you see a very disgruntled skater. But at least he got out there.

There is no rule in skating that says you have to smile.