Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scenes From a Birthday

The Girl is now four.
Here are some scenes from her day:

Baking a cake. She helped stir.

The finished cake.

The only say I had in this confection is the pan in which it was baked. The Birthday Girl chose the colors of the icing and the design. We narrowed the list to flowers, hearts, and sparkles. She also decided where these would be placed.

Can you tell?

Make a wish!

Opening her loot.

The Boy was there to lend a hand.

Play time.

Mommy had a pretty good day as well. To lessen the blow of turning thirty-five, I received sweet cards with even sweeter sentiments. Included was some extra splurge-money.

As if that weren't enough I was given some special treasures by a good friend.

A vintage Fiestaware cup and saucer. In my favorite color.

This was placed inside...

...a vintage Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox. I had this same lunchbox in first grade. Who didn't love The Duke Boys?

And if that weren't enough...

Check this out:

The Mr. got me not one,
but two new lenses for my camera! He is a photographer himself (although much better than I), and is quite supportive of my interests in all things camera related.

Thank you, man. You rule.

I think that the girls in the Senske house have been sufficiently spoiled.

We thank you for all of the happy birthday wishes. We did indeed have a very happy day.