Sunday, May 10, 2009

For Mom

Thank you Mom, for...

eating lots of fried squash & ketchup while pregnant

letting me wear football jerseys and cut-offs
instead of pink dresses

all of the positive praise, for as long as I can remember

only curling my hair for Sunday church

letting me drink juice out of a crystal wine glass
and making me grilled cheese when I was sick

showing me the importance of putting family
at the front of the line

wiggling my teeth and pulling them
when I was too scared to do so

reading to me often

being selfless, always putting your needs second,
or third, or fourth

letting me sit beside you in the gold chair,
even though it was a tight fit

believing that I can really do anything

making the tastiest cherry cobbler

creating a delicious skillet dish out of nothing special

the finger dances

appreciating my rebellious nature and
letting me be my own person

late night chats and loud bouts of laughter

feeding all the stray animals I brought home

giving me strength and self-confidence

being the greatest example of a wife and mom.

Now I am a mom.
Thank you for leading me down the path.
Thank you for letting me still be your baby while falling in love with mine along the way.
I love you, not just for today, but each and every day.