Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Death to Skinny Jeans

I am really tired of the "skinny jean" trend. How much longer will it continue? I mean, these jeans are not all. You are reminded, all day no less, that you are wearing tight jeans. And it does not matter what size you are...they are all made to be pantyhose, constructed from denim. They are designed to be restricting. Which makes me wonder, how did these things catch on in the first place?

I have a couple pairs. I jumped on the fashion-bandwagon a few years ago thinking it would last a season, maybe two. But every year I look and they are yet to be on the "so out" list.
I still see the trend-setting fashionistas prancing about in their little pencil pants. They just won't go away.

This is the outfit I wore to school today. And I decided that I have had enough with this craze. When a piece of clothing can distract you all day, then it is time to do away with it. I declare death to the "skinny jean". Liberation. Freedom. Bring back the "boyfriend cut". I can't bear the burden any longer.

Too bad they look so good with boots...