Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Need For One More

I said that I had two big projects to finish before the end of Spring Break. They are done. I have added one more to the list. Can I get it finished in a mere two days? That remains to be seen.

I have a beautiful crochet blanket that my Mema gave me a few years ago. It is one of her scrap afghans. They are "sloppy seconds" in her mind but of all the fancy and intricate blankets that she makes, they are my favorite. The colors are so random and non-matching to a point that it all perfectly "fits". I love it. Well, this blanket has been on the back of my couch and most recently the back of my green rocker. However, each time that I put it out it seems to come apart after a couple of weeks use.

It looks awful, but I assure you it can be mended. It has already been repaired once and will have to be repaired again.
I just don't think it can stand up to my two children pulling it, rolling in it, and pretending to be a ghost with it. They are kids, and I don't want to have something out to use...that can't be used.

So, I will have to find another place for my blanket that is a little less rough and tumble. Which brings me to project number three. I need something for the back of my chair and I think that a throw quilt is just the thing.

Here is the material that I have chosen. The colors are all favorites: oranges, browns, mustard yellows, olive greens. I chose a bunch of fat quarters that fit the color scheme. The actual pattern was less important to me than the color. The backing is a simple muslin that looks like linen.

As you read this I am cutting and piecing. If all goes smoothly I should be able to sit in my rocker with the kids and my new quilt and read bedtime stories before school starts on Monday!