Thursday, March 19, 2009

Big Project Number Two

I finished my other big project yesterday. This is The Girl's new quilt. I am a bad Mommy. It is not "her style" at all. She is all pink, purple, and sparkles. It is a play on the theme of her nursery. We didn't find out the gender of our babies so we had to decorate neutral. She had a western theme. I found this material before she was born and fell in love with the retro feel. They had a boy and girl version, so about a week after she was born I made my way to the fabric store and bought up a few yards.

A close-up of the fabric and detail.

The Girl will be turning 4 in June, so I am taking advantage of my Spring Break to "mature" her room a bit. We got rid of the crib long ago, but it has been a room in transition. I wanted to make her something that could age with her and that we could both live with. I just can't do vast amounts of the pink-purple-sparkle thing.

The back. It is pieced with flannel for softness and warmth.

I made her a bunch of pillows as well. I will post pictures when we get her room all done. She is going to her Nana and Pappa's for a few days with her brother and this will be her surprise when she comes back. It might not be her favorite colors, but she likes it. She has been calling herself a cowgirl. And I will let her put the purple Ariel and pink Disney Princess pillows on the bed to give it her personal sparkly flair. That's fair, isn't it?