Sunday, April 3, 2011

Livin' (not so) Large...


I've been keeping a frantic pace.

It has been intense.

I've cooked some dinner.

One night we had refried black bean burritos.

With copious amounts of avocado.

One night we had take-out.

With copious amounts of fortune cookies.

I've read a bit here and there.

Camera settings, egg replacements, NBA stats.

They all represent.

I wrote some lesson plans.

The letter j is captivating.


The kitties are barely keeping up with all this action.

Maybe they are tuckered from continuing to eat all my plants.

So far, these have remained unscathed. I fear that they too have a death sentence.

I'm about as caught up on laundry as I will ever get.

That means I only have one basket, folded, and waiting for me to put it away.

One load is sitting in the dryer right now.

And there is a full basket of whites that need attention.

This is improvement people! Do I get a whoop-whoop?

I've endured a Spurs loss.

Times six.


Are you effing kidding me?

It has been brutal. Sickening. Stick-a-dagger-in-my-heart horrible.

This means I've been having multiple beers.

My moods are known to change on a dime during football and basketball season.

I have been *most* unpleasant throughout this skid.

The hurried pace has broken our stinky, obese, partially blind, slightly deaf, and mostly senile dog. She lays at my feet, farting and snoring while deep in sleep.

You're tired just reading this, huh? I warned you.


Does your rock and roll living compare with mine?

Make like a canary and sing.

I'll check-in and catch-up with all of you tomorrow. Because right now, I've got more large livin' to do.

Peace, out.