Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't let the pictures fool you...

In a perfect world, I would bake our bread each week.

But, this is not a perfect world.

I enjoy the act of baking bread.

Measuring. Mixing. Kneading. Waiting.

And the aroma...


The reality: We don't eat a whole lot of bread.

No way! Really?

Yes. It be true.

Sandwiches are a once in a while thing.

The Offspring aren't little toast heads or pb&j fiends.

I tap into all the will power my soul possesses and steer clear. But only because I care about the size of my ass.

The Mr. is some sort of no-bread cyborg. I've never seen a person eat half a slice at dinner.


My family is a big bunch of weirdos.

The whole lot of them.


makes a simply delicious loaf. I swapped the wheat germ for flax meal with excellent results.

I could easily eat half a loaf all by my lonesome.

I've also made the cinnamon-sugar loaf.

I won't admit to eating half a loaf all by my lonesome.

I'll only say that it was shortly thereafter that I put the brakes on bread baking.

Such is the life in a house of weirdos.