Thursday, December 30, 2010

A look back...

Well, it's over.

Another Christmas is in the record books.

It was a good one.


A time to just be together.

The Boy was struck with a high fever on Christmas Eve.

We hoped it would break before the big day.

No such luck.

After the adrenaline rush of present opening had worn off, the feeling of ick returned with a mighty force.

We sent The Mr. and The Girl off for Christmas dinner at my brother-in-law's while we sat around on the couch watching Survivorman and eating leftover Thai.

And we were fine with that.

Oh, that quilt? I won it from Larissa a few months back.

I don't often win things. I hit the jackpot with that beauty.

The fever maintained its presence into this week.

His new mountain bike has seemed like a cruel Christmas joke.

Permission to play with one of my new toys has lessened the sting of not being able to ride.

The Girl has been so kind as to share her drums with him as well.

Yes. Drums.

I think I need to write Santa a letter.

The baking is done.

After two weeks of non-stop confection making, you would think we'd have something sweet in this house.

Not so much.

Note to self: hold a few treats back next year and freeze them.

The house has been de-Christmased.

It was time.

The tree looked sad.

Its carcass is currently out in our driveway adding a touch of class to our post-holiday yard.

I am going to miss the lights.

Oh, those lights.

They add something that can't be replicated the rest of the year...

Just one more look before the plug is pulled.

Since the dust has settled, I've been sitting back.

Doing some crochet.

Sewing a bit.

Figuring out the settings and buttons on my other new toy.

Hellz yes. That instruction booklet says it all.

I'm in camera heaven.

Santa was good to me.

He's pretty cute, too.

I guess I'll hold off on writing that letter.

I've been traveling around Blog Land and it looks as if a good time was had by all.

Tomorrow is the eve of a new year.

My mind is full of all that 2010 has bestowed upon me and our family.

We are so blessed.

Through good times and bad, we have each other. We love each other. We drive each other crazy. We make each other laugh. We have each other's back.

I'm ready to face 2011.