Monday, November 8, 2010

What's For Dinner?

Comfort food. It's all about the comfort food this week.

Our temps have finally plummeted below 80*. I'm no longer having to brainwash myself into believing that fall has arrived.

It's now a reality.

Monday: chicken and biscuit casserole, fresh tomatoes

Tuesday: cabbage casserole, green beans, fresh tomatoes

Wednesday: cauliflower soup, sausage, bread

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: spicy Thai take-out

Saturday: frozen pizza

Sunday: cream of potato soup, sausage

The Mr. will be traveling (again) this next weekend. When he's gone, we take advantage of the chance to have "fun food". For me, that means spicy Thai. The Offspring prefer a frozen pizza.

To each their own.

I made that potato-sausage soup last week.

Yeah. It wasn't "it". Not it at all. I hate it when a recipe looks so good on paper and then...meh.

The quest continues.

I have another version I'm going to try this next weekend. It looks more like what my taste buds desire. If it's "it", you'll be the first to know.

Here's a reality check:

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is in *two weeks*? For reals?

Have you started a menu? Do you change it up every year or are you a tried-and-true kind of cook?

I think it would be fun to do a Thanksgiving menu swap. I would love to see what graces your table and it might give me a few new ideas. If you are game, let me know. We could all post and do a Blog Hop. I will gladly set it up.

Who's game?