Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Dig This...

Oh, how these things are making me smile. Even in the face of school starting and illness, I've found joy with these simple pleasures.

*Kick Buttowski.

I think I like this show even more than The Offspring. In fact, I make them watch it whether they want to or not. Something about that little kid with the man-voice and stuntman outfit cracks.me.up.

I have to applaud Disney for finally getting some kids' programming right. For all the rubbish they have put out there that warps the minds of today's youth, this is a breath of fresh air.

I hope the trend continues.

*Hyperbole and a Half.

I dare you not to start reading and then get lost in the archives.

Good Lord, Allie Brosh is a freakin' genius. A genius, I say! If I were to emulate a writer's style, it would be hers. The sarcasm, simplicity, relatable nature, and the odd twists of her posts are ace.

Read it. And fall in love.

*Angry Birds.

Talk about a time suck.

This game is dangerous. You will not be able to put it down, if you have an iPhone, that is.

The object of the game is to shoot different birds out of a sling-shot in order to hit little snorting pigs. The pigs are protected by various constructs and barricades, while the different birds each have their own unique form of destruction.

It's a game that's mixed with logic, luck, strategy, and some basic physics.

The Mr. and I have sat and played for many hours straight. Yes, hours. Before we knew it, the clock showed 3am.

Don't judge.

If you download it and find yourself putting off various household tasks, don't say I didn't warn you.

*Garlic chili sauce.

I think I could eat spicy Thai almost every night of the week. Now, all I have to do is steam some vegetables, add a couple spoonfuls of this, and shazam!...spicy Thai, ready at the drop of a hat.

*Häagen-Dazs sorbet.

The perfect thing to cool off a mouth that's been scorched with garlic chili sauce.

I'm a fan of the more tart flavors. Specifically, cranberry-blueberry and zesty lemon.

*Ben & Jerry's.

If tart isn't sounding good, then this should hit the spot.

I'm loving the Snickerdoodle and Willie Nelson's peach cobbler.

*My griddle.

I finally got one.

Why, oh why did it take me ten years to get one of these? Pancakes are a breeze. Multiple grilled cheese sandwiches a snap.

It makes me wonder what other kitchen staples I'm missing that would change my domestic life.

*Football season.

I am sure that I'm in the minority with the female crowd on this one. But I love it so very much.

It means that fall is upon us. It means something to watch on the weekends. It means long talks with Pops.

And it means that basketball season is just around the corner.

Aw hellz yes.

*My eyelash curler.

I am not very make-up savvy. I have owned one of these in the past, but my eyelashes always looked crimped, like some 80's experiment gone awry.

Obviously I was using it wrong.

Well, when my favorite curling mascara became impossible to find, I had to look for other options. That meant buying another curling contraption and giving it one more try.

This time I had You Tube on my side. I looked up a how-to video and am now happily sporting curled, not crimped lashes. I'm amazed at how much better my lashes look with a bit of bend to them.

I can't believe I'm in my mid-30's and have just now discovered the magic of the eyelash curler.

*New mascara.

Since my usual brand seems to be a thing of the past, I have been forced to find a new usual brand.

After much searching, reading, comparing, and trying, I think I've found it: Maybelline Volum' Express: The Falsies. It doesn't clump. I love the shape of the brush. And it doesn't flake.

I have the washable and waterproof versions and give a thumbs up to both.

Waterproof mascara is new to me as well. I got some knowing we would be going to the beach this summer and wanting to still look somewhat presentable after a day in the water.

Again, where have I been?

*The Girl's new haircut.

After her latest cutting spree, this is what we made of the leftovers.

You know those little girls that look like their mothers forgot to run a brush through their hair before they left the house in the morning? Well, that's how The Girl's hair has looked.

Except I do run a brush through her hair every morning. Sadly, there is no evidence of her coiffing approximately five minutes after walking out the door. Most of the time she looks like a little trailer park baby. All that's missing is the chocolate milk moustache and a shirt with all sorts of stains down the front.

This cut takes the trailer park factor out of the equation.

I dare say I've never been happier that she got scissor happy.

*Robeks smoothies.

Nectar of The Gods!

I get the Hummingbird, a mixture of orange, mango, strawberry, guava, and banana.

I wish I could have one every single day.

*New music:

Arcade Fire

Built to Spill

Favorite bands with new tunes. It can't be beat.

*Jenny and Johnny.

This one deserves a few more words: Go get this.


There is not one sub-par song on the entire album. From start to finish, a winner.

*The Princess Bride.

This has been one of my favorite movies forever. But now I'm getting to enjoy it again with The Offspring.

I think it's even better the second time around.

*Eggs with avocado.

I had this in California and have been eating my eggs this way ever since.


*A new scent.

I've been on the search for a new perfume for eons. I'm really picky. It had to be natural, light, clean, and not cost an arm and a leg.

I found it.

Now I smell delightful. At least I smell delightful until the oppressive heat and humidity take their toll.


No. I haven't traded in my treasured jeans. That will *never* happen.

But I have given in and will occasionally don a skirt.

It started when we went on vacation this summer. I had one pair of shorts to wear, and those were cutoffs. There was no way I wanted to wear jeans every day. Since there are no shorts that fit my body the way I like, I had to resort to dresses and skirts.

I don't mind them too much when my legs have some color. I tan up really quick, but fade just as fast. Summer tanning is over which means the skirts will go back in the closet until next season.

Our time together was too short.

*Swagger Wagon.

We don't own a minivan. But if we did, I'd work that swagger wagon for all it's worth.


*Jason Munn.

Holy crap.

Can I have one of each?

And there you have the latest installment of all things making me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

How 'bout you? What are you digging?