Monday, August 16, 2010


Following my lead.

I don't see how I can say "no". That would be hypocritical, right?

I'll reveal mine later in the week. Promise.


I like the taste. I like saying it even more.

It takes so little to amuse me.

11:15pm. Still wet.

Don't you hate forgetting to put the sheets in the dryer? I seem to do it often. And then I say naughty words.

I need to set a timer or something.

Doing her best Lady Gaga.

She decided to open a club: Fancy Make-Up.

We have started praying. In earnest.

Just when the eyebrow grows back...

However, if she keeps giving herself new 'dos like this, we might get off easy.

That is, unless she opens another club: Janky Haircut.

It lives.

This is the only succulent I haven't killed since getting married. I used to grow mad aloe vera. Scads of it.

I've yet to determine why my mojo disappeared.

Until then, I'll keep blaming the light.


I am always looking for culinary inspiration.

I also like to look at the pictures. Food photography is the ultimate.

In another life I have a killer camera, bomb lighting, and can make a fig look like fine art.

Old lady.

She is in her twilight years. I'm more aware of this now.

But just when I think she's on her last leg, she darts out the door and chases a squirrel.

I've started calling her Timex.

Less funky.

As in, less smelly.

Like I said, she's an old lady. But thanks to my boys, she's not quite as odorous.

Summer ain't over 'til it's over.

I'll be eating fresh, green lovliness until the weather dictates a stew.

5 years; Worth the wait.

Our cupids got back together and returned to Houston.

We were there. Front and center.

Don't ask me when twenty-something frat boys hijacked Slobberbone's fan base.

Some unknowing fan must have stumbled upon a kegger, been offered some free beer, decided to put on quality drinking music, and unintentionally opened Pandora's Box.

It's so very wrong. They are *my* band. *Our* band. Not some tool who's greatest achievement is slapping a high five while inebriated.

Don't get me wrong. It was a classic Slobberbone show: a fight almost broke out, we met cool folk (amongst the chino-wearers), shots were bought for the band by more than one fan, and a good time was had by all.

As it should be.


I'm slipping veggies into more and more baked goods.


Mommy wins.

New obsession.

Have you heard of Magic Fabric?

The Girl is coo-coo for the stuff.

She's mainly into cranking it out. That's the last step. Guess who has to put all the pieces together? And guess who has OCD and takes it waaaaay too seriously?


That's OK. I'll just make more muffins with covert-zucchini.


Sometimes you are having fun and a perfect picture isn't that important.

Sometimes the imperfections are what make it perfect.

What captions would your day-to-day have?