Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Sweet Memory

It has been raining today. The kind of rain that makes you stay inside and watch movies.

The Offspring agreed upon The Sandlot.

It brought back a sweet memory.

I was in college, working close to forty hours a week at a gas station and holding down a full class load.

I had just come out of a bad relationship...one of those that strips you of all self-worth. One that makes you cynical. Bitter. Your heart closed tight. Guarded.

In recent weeks I had started seeing a new boy. A boy that made me *really* laugh for the first time in a great while. A boy that would buy me milkshakes. A boy that always needed to fill up his car with gas and get a cold drink when I was working a shift. A boy that saw me for me.

Simple was better. I liked that. The ease of it all.

I was not looking for anything more. I didn't think my heart could handle it.

I had finally moved into my own place. There wasn't much to call my own: A mattress. CD player. A few dishes. I had no TV. No proper furniture. But it was my space and I loved coming home to quiet. Even better, it was all mine.

One night, after working all day and smelling like fried gas station fare, I returned home to my little apartment above the laundromat. And there he was.

Come on...I have a surprise.


You'll see.

Inside, he hooked up his little TV/VCR combo set. With him he had brought a movie, some ice cream, and root beer.

You are going to love this movie. It's the best.

What is it?

The Sandlot.

Isn't that some kids' movie?

Just wait. You'll see.

And there we sat, on my old mattress. On the floor. Drinking root beer floats while watching The Sandlot in the dark. Laughing.

I found it all incredibly romantic in a very unconventional sense. Which, to me, is the best sort of romance.

It was simple. It was easy.

That was the night I knew my heart was ready.

Ready to open.

Ready to love and be loved. Again.


Author's Note: This nameless boy is not The Mr. But, if not for him, I would not have ended up in the arms of the love I hold today. My gratitude abounds.