Monday, June 7, 2010

...And They Flew

The Girl has been obsessed with all things butterfly since watching the metamorphosis in her class at school.

The Mr., being the good daddy that he is, found her a set-up of her own.

She watched the tiny caterpillars eat and grow. She protected them from getting bumped. She told them good night. She watched as they formed into a chrysalis.

Finally, the day came when they emerged. Five new butterflies! Her butterflies!

There was just one problem: She was scared to death of their flapping wings.

That's what butterflies do. They flap. A lot.

After about four days of refusing to enter her room to get clean panties and sleeping in The Boy's bed, we decided it was time for the big release.

She waved a bittersweet goodbye.

The Boy did the honor of unzipping their little butterfly condo.

They needed a little coaxing. Again, The Boy was more than willing to help.

For, you see, The Girl was watching from afar.

Those flapping wings were just a little too much.

One just might land on her. Or so she rationalized.

We watched as they took one more sip of orange juice.

And waited for the departure.

This poor little guy didn't have the best wings. He was happy to crawl into an open hand.

The Boy offered his...

...and found him a nice leafy branch upon which he could sit.

The Offspring still go to the backyard, trying to spot one of their butterflies.

But alas...they have all flown away.

And the cycle continues.