Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Future Na'vi Warrior

We watched Avatar for the first time this weekend.

I know. We are in that group of maybe ten people that didn't go see it on the big screen.

The Boy was instantly entranced.

It had everything a movie needs to hold his attention: soldiers, guns, tanks, choppers, strange creatures, blue aliens, bows & arrows, flying dragons, explosions.

Imagine his delight when one of these happened to land on him the next day.

He has now started referring to himself as The Chosen One.

OK, Jack Sully. Keep that spirit pure.

Avatar has remained on the brain.

Last week his teacher sent a note home asking us to save everything that we would normally recycle and send it to school to be used for an in-class project.

Yesterday they used these materials to construct something of their choosing. They were limited to the recyclables that they had collected and some Scotch-tape.

This is what The Boy engineered.

What is it you ask?

An Avatar helicopter, of course.


Absolutely brilliant.