Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No, They Aren't Cheetos...

Kale seems to be the girl everyone wants to take to the dance.

She is a nutrient-packed power-house. I can see why one would want to tout her goodness.

I first learned of kale chips here. Since then I've seen them mentioned here and here. I'm sure that's the tip of the iceberg.

I've wanted to try them...but they always seemed to get pushed to the bottom of the "have to make" list. That was, until a couple weekends ago.

I mixed up a batch. The ingredients are minimal.

I added more apple cider vinegar than called for. I wanted lots of tangy fla-vah.

They bake-up fast.

I was surprised they retained their green color. Pretty, huh?

A chip.

The Mr. loved them. But he loves to love things like kale chips.

The Boy looked at me as if I had a stuffed vulture on my head.

I told The Girl they were Tinker Bell chips. She ate them.

I currently enjoy her gullibility.

My only suggestion would be to cook these in small batches. By the end of the day they had lost their initial crispness.

Would I pack these in The Offspring's lunch? Probably not...unless I wanted them to get a proper teasing.

But, would I serve them as a side dish with a sandwich or soup? Yep. I would.

They aren't Cheetos, but they will make you stand out in a crowd.

I mean, **you** eat kale chips.

How hot-list is that?