Saturday, March 20, 2010

Color Week: PURPLE

This house is pretty devoid of purple. You have to look close to catch a glimpse...

Washing my face.


No sickies at the moment.


Mani-pedi time.

Bits of chalk.

Hair bling.

The Girl is a fan too.

And she wears dresses with her jeans.

My brainwashing techniques are working. Bwahahahahaha!

Now if I can only keep her from picking the neighbor's flowers.

Kangaroo mountain.

In the hall.

Blooms on trees.

Have I mentioned that The Boy was conceived at a scooter rally in Austin.

Vintage memento.

A purple explosion.

Blooms on the ground.

My parents brought me momma elephant and her babe when I was in the hospital having The Boy.

I went into labor way too early. We weren't sure of the outcome.

It plays the theme to The Lion King. It brought my sick-with-worry-self comfort.

I knew deep down all would be fine. And it was.

Lavender Marge got ninja-swirly!


We conclude Color Week tomorrow with earth tones. Grab your camera and go get all granola.