Sunday, March 21, 2010


Without earth tones, would other colors seem as bright? I think not.

Here is their chance to take center stage.

The best utensils around.

The biggest crape myrtle tree I've ever seen. And it's in my backyard.

Teddy. My third child.

Ready to brew.

Ready for a brew.

Our coffee table.

It was the first piece of furniture we ever bought together. It's handmade, one of a kind. The price tag was hefty. We debated the splurge, but decided that it would be the first and last coffee table we would ever buy and would one day be a family heirloom.


My boots. They are beat to hell.

This is Texas, after all.

His eyes. They are a beautiful brown flecked with green.

I wouldn't have been sad if his genes had won in the eye department.

Our old weathered porch swing.

This was in The Mr.'s apartment when we met. He likes things vintage as well.

Our family portrait, as drawn by The Girl.

Notice who is front and center? That would be Teddy.



She's stinky. But we love her anyway.

I'm a locavore.

Yard work.

Need to buy more.

Brown Ninja Twins will invade your dreams.

Sleep with one eye open.


This concludes Color Week 2010.

Thanks for playing along, homies. It was scads of fun.