Wednesday, February 3, 2010

100 Days

Yesterday was the 100th Day of School. If you're in Pre-K, that's a pretty big deal.

It is a triple digit number, after all.

Every year the Pre-K classes have a 100 Day Parade where they wear their 100 Day Hats. These hats are created by the students (with some help) as a home project. The only rule: there must be 100 of something on the hat.

The Girl chose pom-poms.

Sparkly pom-poms. Of course.

You're shocked, aren't you?

I wielded the hot glue gun, she decided upon the pom-pom placement. One by one...all the way to 100, we added sparkly fuzz balls to a basic pink baseball cap.

She wore her sparkly pom-pom hat with pride, all the while waving popsicle stick signs declaring "100".

March on, baby girl.

Only 12 more 100 Day celebrations to go.