Sunday, January 3, 2010

What's For Dinner?

It's back to the grind this week. Boo.

It is also going to be rather chilly, at least by Houston standards. That can mean only one thing: soup! There are a few soup nights on the menu along with some other cozy-comfort food. Enjoy.

Sunday: Lia's soup, sausage, beer bread

Monday: cheater beef
stroganoff, whole wheat egg noodles, roasted green beans

Tuesday: split pea & bacon soup, beer bread with cheese

Wednesday: fish tacos, black beans, guacamole, fresh tomatoes

Thursday: white chili, cornbread

Friday: hamburgers, oven fries

Saturday: chicken, spinach, & black bean quesadilla pie
, black beans, guacamole, fresh tomatoes

I have a sweet treat in the works. I'm keeping it under wraps for now. Stay tuned for the post.

The cheater beef
stroganoff is a possible post as well. It's first-rate comfort food...but it doesn't photograph well, so be warned.

I have been obsessed with food blogs the past few days. I even added a couple to the "talented sorts" section in the sidebar. Like craft, there are so many out there that it makes me a bit dizzy. Do you have a favorite food porn site?

Also, I am looking for a good cornbread recipe. Whole Foods has stopped carrying their amazing mix that is more like corn cake instead of cornbread. They drive me mad.

I have tried five or six mixes and they have all been flops. I prefer a sweeter cornbread, hopefully on the healthier end of the spectrum. If you care to share I would be most appreciative.

Until next week...