Thursday, December 17, 2009


Tonight I...

explained place value to the thousands

quizzed spelling words

broke peppermint bark into small pieces

threatened to text Santa

fed our obese dog so she won't starve

made sure the Christmas tree won't catch fire

tied ribbon

wished I had bought more ribbon

dried the towels and bleached my very vintage kitchen sink

took many blurry pictures

captured a few decent shots...I think

wrote sentiments of appreciation and cheer

did not get lost in Facebook Land

answered "how many days until Christmas?" approximately 587 times

figured something out

asked The Boy to make dinner

cleaned jelly smears from the cabinets, evidence of tonight's menu

exchanged texts with my two best friends

did not drink enough water

chewed-out The Boy, but quickly became friends again

looked forward to the last day of school

wiped a poopy bottom

walked in on someone wiping their own poopy bottom, my apologies to The Boy

missed having an extra set of hands (note to self: have The Mr. clear his schedule the night before winter break)

brushed toothies and ran baths

ate a late dinner standing in the kitchen

did not read a bedtime story

organized my filled-to-the-brim yarn basket

gave into a vice

shaved my legs

drank a cup of hot tea

...and now I'm going to bed.