Monday, December 14, 2009

Organizing My Thoughts

Here's a run down of the mish-mash that has consumed my thought process today:

*I think I am going to start replying to comments in the comment section. I've been doing it by email, but many of the comments are left without a return address. I love the banter and try to respond to all. This way I can. I want something more conversational. Kind of like Facebook.

*Speaking of Facebook, does anybody know if you can enable comments left via Facebook to show in the comments section on Blogger? I have seen this on Typepad blogs. All my posts feed into Facebook, but I would love for all the comments to be streamlined. Even better, I would love for the posts to be posted as a link directly to this site instead of only showing in the notes. If you know how to do this, please shoot me a line.

I'm sure it's easy as pie and that I'm an idiot.

*I have been doing a lot of crafting. But I can't show any of it. Everything I have made is either a baby gift or Christmas present. And I am not down with ruining a surprise. So lest you think I have been in a crafty rut, I can assure you I have been a busy little bee.

*The crafty endeavors that I have undertaken are all of the crocheted variety. However, I am looking forward to being able to access my sewing machine again very soon. The Mr. has been working from home while ADG's new space is being completed. The end of our dining room table has morphed from being my sewing table into his desk. I am ready for it to morph back.

*Even if I did have oodles of crafty bits to showcase, I would have a most difficult time taking pictures of said crafty bits. It has been a rainy, cloudy, foggy mess here in H-town... for days on end. Combine that with the early sunset and you are left with little light in which to capture a decent image...

*...and I'm learning that I have a lot to learn about low-light photography. A lot. I dare say, I suck. I must have snapped seventy some-odd pictures for this post and almost all of them were utter rubbish. In fact, there are only about three that I posted which I really like.

I love love love my camera and adore taking pictures. I will stick with it.

*I got my hair cut this weekend. I got those pesky greys taken care of as well. Apparently there was some miscommunication with the man holding the scissors. I ended up with bangs. Not full on bangs, but what I call non-committal bangs. They are too short to tuck behind my ears, but too long to not hang in my eyes if I'm leaning over.

I'm not sure how I feel about them. Something tells me I will have a love-hate relationship and will carry a bobby pin in my back pocket at all times.

*This weekend was great. Mom and Pops offered to take The Offspring so we could be elves.

Most of the shopping is done. The Mr. and I made it out of Target alive and with money still in the bank. We celebrated by going here. I had a big plate of ceviche and three glasses of wine for dinner and split an apple tart for dessert. We hit the neighborhood pub for a nightcap and were able to sleep late and wake to a silent house. Simply perfect.

Whew. I feel better now.

Am I the only one in need of mental de-cluttering?