Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Take This, Blog Land Joneses...

I mentioned that I was not going to attempt keeping up with the Blog Land Joneses. It's futile.

But we haven't waved the white flag of surrender either.

We did some late night ornament making. I had some styrofoam balls, ribbon, sequins, and pearlized pins on hand.

So we got busy.

It was easy, cheap, and quick. They are now on the tree and fit in well with all the other favorites.

We also constructed a gingerbread house. Only it's not made of gingerbread.

It's a cheater house. We use an empty box, some tub icing (the more hydrogenated, the better it sticks), and graham crackers.

So. Much. Easier.

Candy is applied. Lots of candy.

Candy galore.

Welcome to our mid-century modern gingerbread house.

Eichler, eat your heart out.

You too, Blog Land Joneses.