Monday, December 21, 2009

Flooded With Memories

My folks finally let me pillage our old Christmas ornaments. They have tub after red & green tub full of baubles, nutcrackers, Santas, and snowmen.

But I was on a mission. I knew exactly what I was looking for...

Little Red Riding Hood. When you pull the string her arms and legs swing outwards.

I remember always loving her red Mary Janes.

Our original Santa. It's the only ornament that Pops would add to the tree.

It's true that he is a mere shadow of his former self, but he will always be Pop's Santa.

Sweet Angel. I love her simple wooden face, tiny eyelashes, and eyelet dress.

This is me: the ornament version. Mom has a habit of collecting little ornaments and figurines that look like me. Basically, if it has brown hair, it's me.

She is cute. Love the hat...but there's no way I'd wear that get-up she has on.

There I am again...holding the envelope and wearing red shoes.

It's not in focus, but that big red plastic boot with the mouse has been around since Pop's Santa. Maybe it was a two-for-one deal.

I made this in Kindergarten. My mom has always treated it like a national treasure.

At one time I hated this being on our tree. I have since found a new appreciation for the simple construction paper and cotton ball Santa Claus.

Another Kindergarten gem: the pine cone Christmas tree.

I have such a clear memory of making this. My teacher called us up one by one. We chose our pine cone and then drizzled bottled glue all over its surface. It was placed in an old-school Folgers coffee can that was filled with glitter and beads. Once the lid was closed tight we could shake. Shake-shake-shake. When the can was opened, our tree was a sparkling wonder.

Most of the glitter and beads have gradually worn away, despite my Mom's careful wrapping. But I still remember how pretty it was in its heyday.

Raggedy Ann & Andy. These are about as perfect as an ornament can be. What do they have to do with Christmas? I have no idea. They aren't holding candy canes or wreaths. But ornaments they are...and I love them.

The Corncob Lady. That's what we call her. She is my favorite ornament EV-ER. Look at her. She's just beautiful. She has always reminded me of my mom.

She has such a delicate face. Check out her bag...trendsetter. And her fabric choice is impeccable. Hard to believe that she is just a rolled and folded corn husk.

Flooded with memories from childhood. That's how I feel when looking at these little bits and pieces of Christmas.

Brilliant, wonderful, clear as day memories.