Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Decade Begins

This year's celebration not only rang in a new year, but a new decade.

In the past ten years I have...

met a boy and eloped

given birth...twice

put trust in my body to nourish two babies

learned that being a mom is all encompassing

bought a house, sold a house, bought another house

taught many children to read

favored contacts, favored glasses, favored both

perfected the making of peach cobbler and guacamole

learned to appreciate a really comfortable pair of shoes, and to ignore the price tag that accompanies them

tried sushi for the first time

gained friends that are like family


picked-up an old hobby

discovered new passions

had really short hair and not-quite-so-short hair

found greys

found a great colorist

evacuated for two hurricanes and dealt with the aftermath of one

favored straight jeans, baggy jeans, skinny jeans, and boyfriend jeans

narrowed down "my style"

cheered the Spurs to three championship titles

savored a Longhorn's BCS Rose Bowl win

become obsessed with spicy Thai

drank 3,650 Dr. least

finished off God knows how many bottles of ketchup

watched Springsteen, Wilco, Spoon, Slobberbone, Yo La Tengo, Elliott Smith, & Neko Case perform their magic, just to name a few

gave a final salute to Guided By Voices

weathered storms, sailed smooth seas

been disenchanted, heartbroken, renewed

gained a stronger sense of self

I'm looking forward to the journey the next ten will bring....

Happy 2010!