Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And He's Off....

The Mr. is off. To Japan that is.

Yes. Japan.

I. Am. So. Jealous.

I have visions of the textiles, notions, yarn, and handmade paper that await a girl like me. I won't even think about the pottery and ceramics. Plus, the sushi must be over the top.

He is going there for work. Again, I am jealous. The coolest location I get to venture for my job is the media center. That's the exotic name we have given the library.

The Mr. and his brother own their own aquarium design company. He not only has mad aquatic skillz but he does all the photography as well. There is an underbelly to everything, but overall it is a very cool j-o-b.

So, he has gone to meet with other aquatic bad-asses. In Japan.

While in Japan they are doing a small gift exchange. It is a way of showing respect and appreciation for one another. The item itself should be small. Nothing expensive. The Mr. mentioned purchasing some trinket at the airport gift shop.

Really? No.

I offered to make him something. Something simple. Something quick and easy.

I already had a couple of coaster sets made...and nothing says I respect and appreciate you quite like coasters, right?

The sets that I had on-hand were not going to work. The colors just didn't fit the whole aquarium-vibe. I had this variegated yarn that met my criteria: green and natural looking.

I used my stand-by coaster pattern that is now etched in my brain.

I made six of these in a little over two hours. I think I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome from all this crochet action.


My wrist is killing me.

But I'm currently obsessed with the craft and can't stop. I'm pushing through the pain.

I *love* this set. It is by far my favorite.

I imagine these being pulled out at a party. Toasts being made over shots of Sake. Good times being had.

In Japan.