Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Houston was given a fall teaser this weekend, courtesy of Mother Nature. Temperatures dropped and the humidity vanished. We took full advantage and headed outdoors. Granted, it was only to the front yard. But we enjoyed every inch of the sidewalk, street, driveway, and yard. And we did it without sweating.

That hasn't happened since March.

The Girl voted for sidewalk chalk.

Her hieroglyphs are just plain cute. She'll leave these tiny renderings scattered about all over the place.

She's even cuter when drawing them.

She asked me to draw her "a hopscotch". I wouldn't describe her as agile...more like wonky.

The Boy was quick to show her how it's done. This did not please The Girl and he was soon shooed away.

He decided to draw his own hopscotch board....

...the longest hopscotch board ever!

I sat...admired my pretty yarn...added rows of crochet...made progress towards a finished project.

I enjoyed the fresh air...the view overhead...the fact that I was not melting into my vinyl lawnchair.

And The Offspring played. Together. Peacefully. For a while at least.

Thank you, Mother Nature. If only for a couple of days, we were friends.

That is, until you brought back that 100* heat index and oppressive humidity.

Now, not so much.