Friday, September 18, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Add another one to the list. The Girl has a new irrational fear: Where the Wild Things Are.

This week one of her teachers read her this classic story. Then they created their own monsters...

...complete with google eyes. She was quite proud of her "marn-ser".

All was fine until bedtime. That's when the pesky irrational fear crept in.

The Girl is still going to sleep with her lamp on and refuses to open her closet door...even during daylight hours.

"Marn-sers" are everywhere....

We insist that we like them. We draw them. We retell the story over and over.

And then bedtime comes and suddenly they aren't so friendly.

They are hiding in the air vent.

Or Mommy says to put shoes away and they are waiting to pounce from the closet.

Oh irrational fears. You torture me.

I don't know if we should start saving for college, a big fat sparkle wedding...

...or therapy.