Monday, June 8, 2009

Conquering Irrational Fears

The Girl conquered one of her irrational fears this weekend. She got her first real hair cut.

I have always cut her hair, which explains why at times she has had her bangs so short people thought she had cut them. No, that would be me. Sorry, kid.

I have tried taking her to someone that has actual skills. But the visits always end the same: crying and clutching to Mom for dear life.

Well, I decided to give it another go. I built it up. How she would have princess hair and it would be so shiny you might think it sparkled. Sparkles are a sure bet with The Girl. She took the bait and we were off before the lure of sparkle princess hair waned.

She wasn't too sure when she first sat down in that big chair. But she had Teddy, her elephant "purse" (actually a pacifier holder that was never used), and Miss Ladybug. Reinforcements were understandably needed for this occasion.

The hair cut began...and no tears.

I dare say that The Girl was beginning to enjoy the primping!

Things went so well with the cut
that we tested fate and
styled her hair as well.

She did it! I see more trips
to the Beauty Parlor
in her future.

So we can mark that phobia off the list. Now she needs to quash her fear of trains, bugs of all forms, dust bunnies that look like bugs, leaves that might be a bug, men wearing cowboy hats...