Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's For Dinner?

Drop by the Senske house at dinnertime this week and you will find:

Sunday: fish sticks, mac & cheese, peas, carrots

Monday: meatloaf, red potatoes, stewed squash, Brussel sprouts

Tuesday: spaghetti pie, spinach & goat cheese salad

Wednesday: **crockpot magic**
BBQ chicken with cornbread topping, green beans, fresh tomatoes

Thursday: left-overs

Friday: out with The Mr.

Saturday: hamburgers, oven fries

We get our fish sticks at Whole Foods. They aren't really fish sticks...more like fish pieces. I usually make our mac & cheese but this week I took the easy way out and got the stuff in a box. It too came from Whole Foods.

Bless you Whole Foods and your non-hydrogenated fakery-free packaged goodness.

The crockpot dish has been rescheduled from last week. Life got in the way and it was bumped.

I would like to bake something this week. Maybe some oatmeal bars? Something that can double as a dessert as well as a quick breakfast that compliments my hot tea.

Eat well, my friends...