Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Loot

This is the birthday that
keeps on giving.

When I went to Austin for the Crochetfest, Lia had these beauties waiting for me:

A vintage Glasbake dish. In green, no less. I love it. I have served something from it every night this week.

A vintage creamer. In green, of course. Lia, apparently, can read my mind. I have been wanting a cool creamer, vintage if possible, in which to put my half-and-half. It will make my afternoon tea ritual that much better.

Lia also made me an amazing belt. However, it was a wee bit small. I am not as "stinking skinny" as she thinks. She is reworking it, and I look forward to modeling it soon.

This funky bracelet is from my friend Claudia, another crafty soul. She does not have a blog showcase as of yet, but I am applying the proper amount of peer pressure. Claudia crochets, makes jewelry, and is a very good baker. She would fit right in with the scene.

I love being spoiled.