Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It Was A Good Idea In Theory

It was a good idea in theory: set-up a tent outside and let The Offspring play.

I got out The Boy's new tent and found a nice, semi-shady spot in the backyard. However, there were no instructions included with the tent. That should have been a sign. I persevered and tried to figure it out on my no avail.

Proceed to Plan B.

We have three collapsible play tents that could serve the same purpose. I dug into the hurricane supplies, found the tarp, spread it out, and lined them up. Instant tent condos.

Everything started out so calm.

Peaceful and serene.
We were all happy.

The Boy and The Girl wanted to cook marshmallows. We were missing both fire and the air filled balls of sugar.

Mommy improvised yet again:
We roasted fruit snacks...

...without the fire, of course.
The Boy and The Girl didn't seem to mind.

While The Offspring ate pretend roasted fruit snacks, I took out a hook and some yarn. All was going so well.

Too well.

Silliness entered the picture.

Tents collapsed.
Help was requested.

None was given.

Pleads that were left
unanswered sparked anger.

Which led to taunting.

And more taunting.

And screaming. And crying.

Why? Why did I do this?

A project languishes.

Tents are strewn about
the yard like wreckage.

It is a fact. My children would never survive the wild. Or perhaps the wild wouldn't survive my children.

This is why some animals eat their young.

We are back in the A/C.
And all is quiet.