Monday, July 6, 2009

Crafty Consumerism

I have accumulated some new crafty bits over the last couple of weeks. What makes this especially cool is that it really didn't cost me anything. I had some gift cards from students along with some birthday money and I put them to good use. So, no guilt accompanies these purchases.

I picked up these treats while traveling to my grandparents' house. I drive right through Austin...and I will use any excuse to stop and soak up the city's aura. They have the cutest little yarn shop on Congress. It's found in a converted house and is filled with yarn. Literally, filled with the stuff from floor to ceiling. Each room has different skeins, shanks, and balls. To be honest, it all made me a little dizzy with delight.

Crochet yarn. I have been wanting to work with this for a while. I never have. I would like to make some crocheted jewelry. I love the pieces found here. I have a couple of patterns for things similar which I will give a whirl. If that goes well I will branch out on my own.

Embroidery supplies. I have been wanting to embroider for so long. It's not like I need another crafty endeavor to tackle, but the lure is too great. I plan on using these flour sack dishtowels as practice. I have visions of cute t-shirts, baby gifts, and housewares all personalized with something unique. Wish me luck.

Fabric. It was on sale for $2 a yard. I couldn't pass it up. The top two pieces are for The Girl, hence the purple and flower/butterfly motifs. The yellow floral would make cute napkins or place mats...maybe even an apron. The blue is pretty. A little "shiny" when the light hits it. I'm undecided where it's concerned. No worries. They will all go in the stash until the right project calls.

Books. I want to hone my camera skills and the whole idea of canning and pickling is intriguing to me. Luckily, I learn well from books. I like what I have read thus far. I have learned some new camera tricks and plan on making refrigerator pickles and some pickled carrots later this week. I'm sure you'll read more about this in the near future.

And here is proof that I don't just read about crafty things. A couple of crocheted dish cloths. I realize that it's not much. I worked these up while sitting on Mema & Papa's porch swing. Originally, I set out to make pot holders, but changed my mind. These work up quicker, and you know my feelings about instant gratification. I also made progress on the afghan. Hopefully I will have a completed project to show you by summer's end. But with all these new goodies....who knows?