Sunday, July 5, 2009


I love this country. I really do.
Me and my brood celebrated in
true American fashion.

We went swimming.
Lots of throwing and
splashing took place.
Notice the non-white trash
factor of the pool.
I could really get used to this.

We worked up an appetite.
You have to eat grilled food on the 4th.
We voted and the consensus was hot dogs.
Good choice.

After dinner we made our way
to the park downtown.
This is in Houston's Sixth Ward.
Check out the cobblestone streets.
I love historic districts.

Houston isn't my favorite city.
It isn't the prettiest city.
It is missing a certain "cool factor".
But, it has its moments.

We found a nice grassy patch on a hill.
A lot of other people had the same idea.
The Girl learned what a port-a-potty is.
She is now traumatized. Really.

Then we waited for the sun to set.
The Boy did not like the waiting part.
He tried to will the sun away.
Thank God for cell phone games.

It was worth the wait.
I love this country.