Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taste of Summer, Part Two

This meal made me think I had died and gone to Summer Food Heaven. It was fresh, simple, quick, and most importantly delicious. It wasn't me. No real culinary skills were required to get this one on the table. The food spoke for itself.

I mixed up a batch of the Whole Wheat Shiner Quick Bread.

While the meat and veggies were cooking on the grill, I threw some spinach, almonds, and dried berries in a large bowl.

I made a very easy warm balsamic dressing
added bacon and garlic for extra flavor.

Mix and top with some goat cheese.

By this time the grilled chicken and vegetables were done.

And fresh-from-the-oven bread was ready
to be sliced and buttered.

Oh...and for dessert. Fresh raspberries.

Could it be more simple?