Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daily Ritual...and a Question

I know. Not that original. But it is a daily ritual none the less. I bring in the mail most days. I love our old mail slot.

I can even check it from the inside, if I so desire. How cute is that?

I am an optimist when it comes to checking the post. I hold out hope for an actual piece of mail. Not a bill, or offer for better cell phone service, but a real letter. I would settle for a postcard.

A real piece of mail was delivered to my house about a month ago. A friend from high school, found through the magic of facebook, sent me a hand written card from Wales. Wow. Not only was it real mail, but it was real international mail. Score.

There was no letter from some far away land in the slot today. But there were a couple of goodies sandwiched between the Church's Chicken coupons and Food Town flier.

We have the newest issue of Atomic Ranch. Oh, how I love that magazine. Cover to cover inspiration. I will admit to having a secret fantasy where the editors call and want to feature my home for a photo spread. I think that's why I always have to wipe down the bathroom counters and make the just never know.

And if that were not enough, there was this. The newest JoAnn's sale flier. It's like getting a holiday "wish book" every few weeks.

I consider that a very good haul at the mail slot.

Now, I have a question to pose: How does one go about getting rid of a "temporary" tattoo? The temporary is in quotes for a reason. These things won't go away.

A few weeks ago The Boy practiced his skills on The Girl. A lot of practice.

To be fair, she asked him to do this. She said she wanted to have tattoos like Mommy. I knew my ink would come back to haunt me. Mind you, I don't have near this many. But I won't argue that point with a three year old.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Preferably no caustic chemicals. Although, I am now wondering exactly what is in this ink to make it last this long. I mean, I do bathe my children. And yet they remain.

It isn't cute anymore. It now looks trashy. And I am tired of getting those looks from other mothers in Target. For the record: I don't knowingly let my children cover themselves in pirate tattoos.

It just sort of happened. Britney Spears moment #147.