Monday, April 13, 2009

Pancakes and Pride

Magnolia Cafe. Just saying, or in this case writing those words will make my mouth water. It is a quirky little establishment on Congress Avenue in Austin. It is always open. The food is very simple. And I love it.

Whenever I go to Austin a visit to Magnolia is a must. I always get the same thing: tropical tacos and one whole wheat blueberry pancake for dessert. The pancakes are the size of a large dinner plate. Somehow I am able to eat it all. It is just that good.

The Alamo. This battle and the legend that surrounds it is what gives us Texans that "attitude"...that swagger.

We really can't help it. We are told that epic tale of bravery from the cradle to the grave. Movies have been made about it...songs are sung in homage to the fight. It was nice to see a piece of history. It was nice to feel that "state pride".

Just a couple of things that make Texas great.