Monday, March 30, 2009

Meet Eppard

This is our new robot. The Boy built him for his science project focusing on "systems". The assignment was to design a toy with at least five moving parts using items found around the house.

I have been stressing over this project for three weeks. You see, I am not an inventor by nature. Yes, I sew and craft, but putting something together that has moving parts...with nothing more than trash?

This is a "student-led" activity. Translation: minimal parent help. OK. No problem. In this case, I call it "blind leading the blind". So, we brainstormed. Of course, a six year old wants to make these fantastic toys with lights and motors. How do I explain that I can't help him make an army tank that moves over land and sea out of a sour cream container and an egg carton?

We just happened to run out of oatmeal. Looks kind of like a body. Robot body? I sew...I have spools of thread! A rolling robot? It wasn't a sea-going tank, but it would have to do. It was a start at least.

One oatmeal container, a plastic toy box, a skewer, five empty thread spools, some cardboard, a few brads & screws, and a little spray paint and you have got yourself a robot. Add some colorful buttons and sequins...Hello Eppard!

It moves. It rolls. And besides handling power tools, hot glue guns, or cans of paint, The Boy did create his toy.

Welcome home, Eppard. Now The Girl wants to make you a sister.