Thursday, March 17, 2011

The world is in turmoil, so I'm writing about granola...

The world is c-r-a-z-y right now.

So it's only fitting that I write about granola.

I've never been a fan of granola.

It usually has coconut. I hate coconut.

It's also obscenely expensive.

I was inspired by this post and this post.

I more or less combined the two. Then I spliced them with my own take on things.

A mix of almonds and chopped walnuts.

Sometimes maple syrup, sometimes agave as a sweetener.

Meh. There are no hard and fast rules with breakfast cereal.

Mix it well.

Spread it out on a baking sheet.

Stick it in the oven.

Mix it around every 20 minutes for about an hour.

Let it cool.

Then stir in some dried cranberries and cherries.

Or whatever combo sounds good to your morning taste buds.


The Mr. thinks it's better than sliced bread. When the granola canister runs low, he sounds the alarm.

So I double the recipe.

That way he'll share.

Perfect with vanilla almond milk.


As I eat my homemade granola with vanilla almond milk while sitting in my comfortable, warm, dry home with running water, clean clothes, a working bathroom, and my family close at hand, I can't help but think about those in Japan that have nothing.


It's all gone.

I admire the strength and civility of the Japanese people that are having to endure such hardship. They are an example to us all.

I encourage you to donate to the Red Cross or one of the other charities that are giving assistance to those that have been devastated by the earthquake and tsunami.

I will admit to being a bit dismayed over the lack of (publicized) help being shown to this country in need. I've seen no Hollywood-sponsored telethons, special charities established, or other such displays of support. From what I understand, donations are much lower for this disaster than those previous.

I realize times are tough.

Belts have been tightened.

But it's $10.

You'll enjoy your granola even more if you give just a little.