Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's For Dinner? (an extended version)

This is a menu that has a little past, present, and future. I wrote it last week with enough meals planned to cover the remainder of spring break along with this current week.

The past.

Last week I made:

*this quinoa casserole and a salad

The kids were gone and we decided to stay in one night. I figured I could cook big and The Mr. would have enough leftovers to get him through the work week while I was out in the country. He referred to it as eating bachelor-style vegan.

*taco soup, minus the meat and ranch dressing mix, with added taco seasoning

This is what I made for Mom and Pops. Hearty, flavorful, and totally vegan. Combined with cornbread, it was the perfect introduction to a new way of eating for my meat-and-potato driven parents.

The next night we had burgers. There was the traditional beef patty, but I also brought a box of these. They held up well on the grill. Pops even tried one to show The Boy that real men can eat veg. I was proud.

The introduction must have gone over well. Pops sent me a text today letting me know they finished off the last of the soup. He also sent his menu for the remainder of the week. Not a bit of meat to be found! I asked if he was going vegan. His response: as vegan as I'll ever be.

I'll take it.

Here's to your health, Mom and Pops.

We got back home on Saturday.

We went to a vegetarian buffet for dinner. Upon hearing our destination, The Offspring were not enthused. Then they saw that they could eat with chopsticks.

I guess meatless options are infinitely better when you can dine with wooden sticks.

They were begging to go back before we had pulled out of the parking lot.

Thank you, chopsticks.

Since it was Saturday night...and we hadn't seen each other in a few days...and the kids were asleep...I thought it appropriate to get a little crazy. I poured some wine and...

...headed to the kitchen to make seitan.

That Mr. hit the jackpot with me. *wink*

Which leads me to this week's menu...

Sunday: "chicken" seitan, stewed squash, garlicky greens and mushrooms

Monday: black eyed peas, corn pudding, tomatoes

Tuesday: grilled tempeh and vegetable skewers

Wednesday: refried black bean burritos, guacamole, tomatoes

Thursday: spaghetti

Friday: hamburgers, oven fries

Saturday: back to the veggie and chopstick buffet

As I've mentioned, all our meals start out with a large salad, either romaine or spinach, with a bit of this, some seeds, tomatoes, cucumbers. As long as it's fresh and raw it's fair game.

I made some more chocolate chip cookies over the weekend. The Boy and The Mr. are weak in the knees over the latest batch.

I question The Girl's sanity, yet again.

She would prefer Life cereal.

And there you have it: seitan, chopsticks, and Life cereal.

I know you foodies are jealous.