Sunday, February 20, 2011


Just a few outtakes...

Valentine's Day came and went.

It was Monday.

I didn't shave my legs.

No luck was had. Sorry, Mr.

He wisely skipped the Vermont Teddy Bear.

Now, I feel a bit guilty about foregoing the leg upkeep.

I reorganized the pantry.

I think it's my new favorite place in the house.

All those glass jars filled with bulk items...*sigh*.

Froot Loops make counting to 100 much easier, ya know.

Nutritional standards can be overlooked in the name of education.

My reading material.



I betray my coolness by admitting how giddy it makes me.

Naughty kitty.

He's gotten lost more times than I can count.

I don't blame him for wanting to be left alone in that beautiful pantry.

But if he's not there, you should also check the cabinets.

The drawers.

The closets.

The TV console.

Between the shower curtains.

Stuffed in pillows.

Oh, and The Girl's backpack.

I've been in the kitchen.

A lot.

I feel inspired again.

It's a nice change.

I think it's easier to let her start the night here.

The Mr. might disagree. He's the one that carries her back to her own room.

I'm not fighting it. I like crawling into a warm bed.

After eating fruit for dessert all week, The Mr. brought me a vegan chocolate chip cookie on Friday.

I transformed into Cookie Monster.

I felt like I had gotten lucky. And no one had to shave their legs.

It was a really good week.