Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Cheer

The season is just underway, but already, holiday cheer abounds.

Open bowls of candy grace the table.

That is until I found little candy wrappers hidden in the pantry.

Now they grace the top of the fridge.

New holiday fabric has been ordered and delivered.

Projects are prioritized.

Decisions are made.

Christmas decorations are here...


...and everywhere.

Lights twinkle.

Collections are showcased in all their glory.

Candy canes are devoured.

We counted the licks it took to finish a candy cane for advent.

The Boy was up to 35 before we heard a loud "crunch". The Girl apparently found the calculations tiresome.

Seeing the genius in this bold move, he quickly followed suit.

Like the famous Tootsie Pop, we may never know how many licks it takes.

Mixing, kneading, rising.

Rolling, cutting, sprinkling.

The art of baking is in full swing.

An order has been placed for a Christmas ham.

I'm so looking forward to leftover ham sandwiches.

Turkey, schmurkey. Give me that ham.

Christmas wishes are being made.

Yes. Those are drum sticks.

The Girl has decided that she wants to play the drums instead of ballet.

Go ahead. Pick your jaw up off the floor. I had to do the same thing myself.

Favorite "once a year" books have been taken off the shelves.


Those couldn't be *my* offspring, could they?

Those children are quiet. And still.

I dare say, calm and serene.

I can almost see halos hovering above their heads.

Well, I'll be...those are *my* offspring!

Believing that mom has Santa on speed dial and that there are Santa Cams placed in the air ducts can turn even the unruliest of sorts into sweet angels.

Christmas hooch.

This can turn even the unruliest of adults into sweet angels.

So, come on over.

It's a cheerful place these days.


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