Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten On Ten: October

October 10th.

Ten pictures taken over ten hours.

Sleeping in.

Feeding others.

Making oneself presentable.

Realizing that she needs new shoes.

Loving the weather.

Feeling blessed that he helps.

Taking a minute for myself.

Purchasing something for everyone.

Realizing that I need to trim his nails. Bad.

Stockpiling for the week ahead.

A handful of images captured throughout the day...

10-10-10 was supposed to be epic.

Meh. Not so much around these parts.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes the norm is okay.

Our day was spent:

puttering around the homestead
looking at hiking boots and camping equipment
listening to Beulah, M. Ward, and Spoon
eating fish sandwiches and slaw
playing Gran Turismo
writing lesson plans for this next week.

It wasn't earth-shattering. But nice all the same.

Another Ten On Ten is in the books.

I can't wait to take a look around Blog Land and see the other blockbuster days from 10³.

But that will have to wait for tomorrow. My non-legendary day has worn me out.

Until November...