Friday, September 10, 2010

Ten On Ten: September

September 10th.

Ten pictures taken over ten hours.

Growing it out. Again.

We can sleep in tomorrow. Thank you, Lord.

A magic wand makes learning to read a snap.

Do you know about your five senses?

Working hard. Even on a Friday.

Multi-tasking at lunch.

There is much energy to burn.

Sit back and listen...

...then get ready to count. 14 days of school down.

Packed-up and ready to split.

Next week's plans.

A handful of images captured throughout the day...

This ten flew by.

Having 24 kindergarten peeps to keep me company is never dull.

I'm home now. Ready to relax.

The weekend has commenced.

I will not set the alarm clock. Or fight traffic. Or think about crayons and construction paper.

I will bake something. And dust off my sewing machine. And have a beer...or two.

I'll meet you in October for the next Ten.

Over and out.