Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh, Spring...

Oh, spring. I have such mixed feelings about you.

Spring is that odd time of year that, for me, is a no-man's land in many ways. I'm so eager for it to get here and even more eager for it to pass.

I tend to do more planning in spring rather than doing. Plans abound. Plans keep me awake at night. My mind is a flutter.

I want to give container gardening a go (again) this year. Last year was a total bust. I was very unlike myself and just jumped into it without doing a shred of research. That works for some...never for me. I'm not making the same mistake this year. I bought a couple of books that have been recommended all over Blog Land: this one has stunning photography to go along with the information that's shared, and this one's author has a gardening blog as an additional resource.

We are starting small this year. But we have a grander vision. We are a family that's meant to grow our own food. I feel guilty for not doing so. Our backyard will eventually be transformed into one large growing space: vegetables, flowers, and the like.

I'm so excited over the prospects this brings. I can't wait to get a composter and build raised beds, and expose The Offspring to the thrill of growing and eating food that they grew themselves. I remember that feeling. I want to pass it on.

My plans extend past the garden.

There are projects to sew and crochet, things to create with that paper from Japan, decorating, organizing, baking, cooking, preserving, and traveling.

But most of all I'm planning to enjoy the season to come. To enjoy living the life I would like to live 365 days a year. To enjoy The Offspring with the patience and humor that I'm often lacking during the school year. To welcome The Mr. with an easy smile and laugh about the day's events. To go at my own pace. Our own pace.

Oh, spring. I welcomed you with open arms. But I won't cry when it's time for you to depart.

I'll know that my beloved summer has arrived.