Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Day *Not* According To Plan

I did not plan on:

*losing count of the number of times I hit snooze. Easy to do at 5-too-freakin'-early-in-the-morning.

*thinking I was caught up on laundry and then looking in the clothes hamper. God help me if The Boy continues to hoard dirty clothes in his room. Covertly, mind you.

*The Boy being out of clean jeans. He got a crash course on what college life will be like by digging a pair out of the hamper.

*The Girl wanting her hair to look like Mulan's. Have you see The Girl? This increased our tardiness.

*getting the beginnings of a sore throat and earache. This made dealing with 24 kindergartners even more fun.

*my work computer deciding that it wanted to take an early retirement. Sudden black screens are never a good thing.

*opening the mini-fridge in my classroom and discovering that my afternoon Diet Dr. Pepper was missing. Bah! Houston traffic + no Dr. Pepper = Suckville.

*not taking my evening run. Thank you, sore throat and earache.

*The Mr. hugging me, sniffing me, then asking, "Did a kid puke in your room today?" I feel so sexy.

*making a blue cheese sauce, tasting it, and realizing, I don't really like blue cheese. I like the idea of blue cheese, but the reality? Not doing it for me.

*boiling potatoes and then being so preoccupied about smelling like kid puke that those potatoes burn. The pan is still soaking.

*realizing that blue cheese will make you smell like kid puke.

*breaking up a biting war between The Offspring. The cause: the remote control. Bless their future spouses.

It wasn't all bad.

The potatoes were salvaged. I mashed them and added goat cheese, which I have no doubt about loving.

The Offspring ended the night reading a picture dictionary together, making up strange stories to go with each entry. Nice to know they don't hold a grudge.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow is a new day.

Guaranteed I'll repeat the mistake of hitting snooze one too many times.