Friday, February 12, 2010

It's In the Mail

The Craft Hope scarf is done.

I actually finished it a while ago, but was slow when it came to the blocking.

I didn't follow a pattern. I wanted something simple, with a quilt-like look. So I just switched colors when it felt right, as if the stripes were strips of fabric.

The stitch I used was easy but still gave it texture. This consisted of a basic single crochet-double crochet combo.

Mindless to work on, but still interesting to look at.

The yarn is acrylic.

Yes. I know. But there is a time for acrylic and its easy-to-care-for fakeness.

How many college kids do you know that hand wash items? Or wash in cold, on delicate, and then air dry flat?

That's what I thought.

So I wanted something that the average college kid could wear and then throw in the washer and dryer with all their multiple weeks' worth of laundry.

The main color had to be red so I chose a bright shade with colored flecks throughout. The accent color is a darker teal blue that compliments some of the flecks.

My other Craft Hope project has been finished for some time as well. Unfortunately, these will have to wait for another cause.

The Craft Hope for Haiti shop on Etsy is closing. The folks at Craft Hope are working on another way for the craft community to continue having an outlet to sell wares where the proceeds support a good cause. But that takes planning, which takes time.

Makes sense.

So these...

...will wait until an opportunity arises.

Thank you Craft Hope, for all you do.