Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Change In Plans

The menu said that we would be having flank steak for dinner this evening.

Those plans changed when the freezing rain started to fall. Snow-grilling isn't my thing.

I was met with eager requests for pancakes.

And eggs.

And cantaloupe.

Requests granted.

I even made some baby pancakes a la Visty. Apparently, those taste the best.

The Boy helped set the table. We used the Melmac.

I ate dinner off the Melmac plates every night while growing up. My dad picked them up when he and my mom returned from their honeymoon.

Now they are mine and there is good karma attached.

Finally, the brood was called to the table...

...and got their feast on.

Sometimes a change in plans is nice. I did not hear "how many more bites" even once.

The Boy informed me that I should go work at Le Peep. He added that he would come visit me on the weekend for more pancakes.

Good to know I have a Plan B.