Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where Things Stand...

The images from Haiti leave me speechless. There are harrowing tales of survival. But far too many reports end in tragedy.

The conditions are horrific. I can't fathom how bad it is. It's mind numbing.

I'm almost finished crocheting the coasters I'm donating to the Craft Hope for Haiti shop. I will have three sets of six. Maybe four.

It seems so lame. Coasters.'s something. I keep telling myself that every little bit helps. So, as soon as I weave in the loose ends and take some pictures, they will be ready for sale.

If you are planning to donate, please note that the shop will be closed for about two weeks as of this evening. The outpouring of donations has been immense. Since Friday the shop has raised over $10,000. Wow. Incredible.

The fine folks over at Craft Hope are simply re-grouping. Head over and read about the response. It will warm your heart. I'll admit to kicking myself for not having something to donate at the get-go...but I'll be ready for round two.

Of course there will be a round two.

In the meantime, I'm attempting to organize a fund raising effort at my school. My idea is simple: For a week, students can donate $1 a day to free dress. We have a uniform policy and the kids are always anxious to ditch the lame khaki and navy duds. I would gladly donate $5 for each of my kids to wear what they want for a week.

And it's for such an important cause.

On a shallow note, at least in comparison to what's going on in Haiti...

Some of you know that my camera is in the shop. Last week I took a picture and then the shutter suddenly stopped working.

Damn Technology Ninjas. They strike when least expected.

It's under warranty, but would have taken a minimum of eight weeks to have it repaired.

Not. An. Option.

So it's being repaired closer to home. The trade off: it will cost a nice chunk of change. And I still have another week to go until it's back in my hands.

I'm not a patient girl. I've already asked The Mr. to call and apply some heat.

In addition to being impatient, which I knew, I have learned that I am a camera snob. In recent days I've had to rely upon our very outdated point-and-shoot or my iPhone.

Let's just say I'm unimpressed with the results. They aren't horrible. I think lackluster would be an accurate description.

The Mr. will let me borrow his camera for anything important (like some charitable coasters).

But I am a little afraid it might bite me.

Or worse, that the Ninjas will strike again.