Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Microscopic Crochet

It's maddeningly addictive, I tell you.

You take an itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny hook.

This picture does not do justice to its minute size. It's freakin' small.

Add some thread-like yarn.

Put them together, along with a dash of patience and a big dose of good lighting, and you get a set of these pretties.

I found the patterns here and in this magazine. Jewelry made from crochet thread is all over Ravelry, with many free patterns to choose from.

I made a cuff as well. WREN handmade was kind enough to post her pattern here.

Thank you, Wren. You are a peach! I've had serious crochet-daydreams about those cuffs.

Throw in a pair of the earrings and you have a sweet little set.

I am so loving this right now.

That would explain the obscene amount of crochet thread that will soon be delivered to my doorstep.